That's a Wrap, Folks!

Thanks for all of the questions, we had a blast answering as many as we could!

For those questions that we didn't manage to get to in time, don't worry, as we'll be posting another AMA on 27th September, 2016 that'll answer any remaining questions unanswered.

And We're Live!

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Quick Links

Who should I talk to if I have questions with transfer credits?

Which good professor's classes should I take?

How would I even start planning the next 4(?) years of my life?

What is Greek life all about?

What is the meaning of life?

Which professor should I avoid?

These questions, and much more, will be answered by the brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma today (Sunday, 3rd July, 2016 EDT) over at /r/nyu.

For those who have questions already on anything/everything about college life, student life at NYU, or existential questions regarding our place in the universe, please feel free to post a question at the pre-AMA question post.