If you are interested in joining Skullhouse, then please also take time to read through the following answers to frequently asked questions.

This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but answers the most commonly asked questions. Should you have any further questions not listed here, please feel free to contact us.

Question: What does the Skullhouse expect of someone looking to join?

Answer: In Phi Kappa Sigma, we lay particular emphasis on the personal commitment of members to the Fraternity’s Core Values and code of conduct, and expect members to set an example in on campus and in their communities by their conduct.

Question: How much time and effort should I expect to give the Skullhouse?

Answer: In the tradition of the fraternal and secret society that Skullhouse originated as, ours is very much a working Fraternity. As such, full members are expected to attend weekly meetings and to support - according to their financial means and through their active participation - the Fraternity’s philanthropic, service, cultural, social, and traditional objectives. Ours is a lifelong brotherhood, and membership should not be taken lightly.

Question: What status does the Skullhouse have nationally?

Answer: Phi Kappa Sigma is a founding member of the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC). We therefore have a responsibility to ensure that we maintain the standing and reputation of the Fraternity.

Question: These are high expectations – what if I find it difficult to meet them?

Answer: We think it is right to aspire to high ideals in the Fraternity, but we recognize that everyone needs help and encouragement to achieve them. Experienced Skulls act as mentors to successful applicants and provide them with advice and support during their preparations for initiation and investiture. However, support does not cease there as all Skulls are encouraged to support and help one another in such a manner as to foster a good team spirit.

Question: Does the Skullhouse accept applications from all undergraduate programs?

Answer: Yes – ours is a university-wide organization. We admit undergraduates from all majors, programs, and schools of New York University.

Question: I plan on studying away for one or more semesters – can I still apply?

Answer: Yes. Many Skulls have studied abroad, and we expect future Skulls to continue in this tradition.

Question: I am a transfer student, an upperclassman, or a veteran – can I still apply?

Answer: Yes. If you are enrolled full time as an undergraduate student at New York University, you are eligible for membership.

Question: What do membership dues pay for?

Answer: Membership dues pay for the Skullhouse’s operations and expenditures throughout the year. This includes insurance, apparel, and social, philanthropic, and service events.

Question: What is rush week?

Answer: Rush Week, or simply “rush,” is a two week period every semester when each fraternity hosts events in order to meet potential new members (or “rushees”). The idea is for rushees to meet and mingle with the fraternities in order to find the group of men that suits them best, and then narrow their rushing efforts on the specific house they have the strongest affinity for.

Question: What is a bid?

Answer: A bid is a formal invitation to join a fraternity. Some fraternities, like Skullhouse, present these as cards with the potential new member’s name or initials printed on it, and some present their bids via an in person conversation, email, or even by text message.