We commit to the value of Trust, the foundation of a
relationship based on a belief in oneself as well as others,
which is earned and strengthened through experience. The value
of trust is found in our reliance on each other and enables an
open comfort in interacting with fellow Skulls.

We commit to the value of Honor, staying true to a set
of higher standards and morals in the face of adversity.
Membership in Phi Kappa Sigma means a commitment to leading an honorable life.

We commit to the value of Respect, which begins with
yourself and the practice of the golden rule, “Do unto others as
you would have them do unto you.” This statement is the acceptance
of the ideals of others. In order to move forward as a brotherhood,
we must continue to consider each other’s points of view.

We commit to the value of Knowledge, the acquisition of
thought, theory, and principles following in the footsteps of our
Founding Fathers in accordance with our oath of Brotherhood.
With this knowledge we will come closer to self-discovery,
the improvement of society, and the translation of knowledge
into power.

We commit to the value of Wisdom, a virtue gained through
experiences of self and others. Wisdom is the application of
knowledge and past experiences to make decisions regardless of
the situation. Through sharing wisdom, a bond is formed between
young and old, teacher and student; this bond is what brings us together.

We commit to the value of Responsibility, by being reliable in
the fulfillment of the objectives of our Fraternity and our personal
obligations, enduring the consequences of our actions.

We commit to the value of Integrity, our inner foundation for
holding true to our values of trust, honor, respect, knowledge,
wisdom, and responsibility that guide us in living a life of virtue.