"Skullhouse is not your average college fraternity."

Phi Kappa Sigma, known also as Skullhouse, is a fraternal society
that draws its membership from men of strong character and
high aspirations within the New York University undergraduate
community. We provide our members with a path of discovery
through a variety of talks, performances, events, food and
beverage tastings, and stimulating excursions – an ideal
environment for personal growth and intellectual enrichment.

Steeped in tradition, Skullhouse reflects the diversity of its
membership while addressing their current needs. Enthusiastic
member volunteers commit their skills and time to create this
appealing atmosphere. Over the years, through strong and active
committees, members have been the source of the inspiration and
leadership that ensures the Fraternity’s continued relevance and
importance to their lives.

Through its selective admissions process and the vitality of its
members, Skullhouse has evolved into New York University’s
premier society for men who seek intellectual stimulation,
lifelong friendships, and a network of passionate individuals that
share common values.

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